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Adobe Connect Capacity and Licensing

The licensing and capacity depends on the modules, but here is a quick guide to the structure and terminology:

● Named Hosts (NH) - NH licenses must each be tied to a single host, the capacity is always 100 attendees.

Concurrent Meeting Participants (CMP) - You can have as many hosts as you like in the CP model, but the overall number of attendees across the account cannot exceed the total license capacity.

Named Webinar Managers (NWM) - NWM licenses must each be tied to a single host, the capacity can be 100, 500 or 1,000 attendees.

Shared Webinar Managers (SWM) - SWM licenses can be shared across multiple hosts, the capacity can be 500, 1,000 or 1,500 attendees.

Named Virtual Classroom Managers (NVCM) - NVCM licenses must be tied to a single host/instructor, the capacity is always 200 attendees.

Event Managers (EM) - EM (registration) licenses are included with NWM, SWM and NVCM licenses.  The EM licenses can also be purchased separately.

Concurrent Learners (CL) - the CL count represents the maximum number of learners who can be *actively* engaged in learning in the Connect Training LMS at any one time.

Adobe Connect Modules

Here are the primary modules in the Adobe Connect family, in non-technical language:

● Live Rooms (Connect for Meetings, Connect for eLearning, Connect for Webinars) - Depending on your use-case, this might be a meeting, a webinar or a virtual classroom.

Registration (Connect Events) - This module allows you to create registration pages and catalogs that you can essentially place 'in front of' live sessions, recordings, training courses or any other content in Connect.

Learning Management System or 'LMS' (Connect Training) - This is the module used to track on-demand and live training and learning.

Adobe Presenter - A PowerPoint-based content and quiz authoring tool used to create 'talking PowerPoints'.

● Adobe Captivate - A standalone authoring tool used to create demonstrations, simulations and quizzes

The naming of software products and modules is often harder to understand than the products themselves.  Here is a glossary of terms that can prove to be a useful reference when working through your decision process.

Connect Deployment Types

​​Here are the three options that you have when deploying Connect:

​● Standard Hosted Service - The typical 'cloud' deployment, Adobe handles everything and you just require a login and password to get started.

​● Adobe Connect Managed Services (ACMS) - Again this is hosted by Adobe, but on a dedicated server environment that gives you more control over security, integration etc.

​● On-Premise Use - You manage the hardware and software in your own datacenter.  The deployment is behind your firewall and gives you ultimate control over security, integrations etc.

Note - With a few very small exceptions, the functionality inside of Connect is not altered based on the deployment method you choose.

Adobe Connect Glossary

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