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Some quotes and comments from our clients on working with Adobe Connect and GetConnect

Our Clients


 GetConnect - 14114 Dallas Parkway, Suite 430 Dallas Texas 75254  |  Toll Free: 1 (888) 200-1831, ext. 1  |  Fax: (214) 224-0128

What they say

This is a 'Buzzword Bingo' free zone.*

In 2005, the founders of GetConnect left Adobe (formerly Macromedia) and formed a company to sell and support Adobe Connect.  Our team has an incredible number of years of experience selling and supporting Connect.

We use Adobe Connect every day, it is fundamental to our business.  We live the remote working paradigm every day.

Our goal is to have a lot of fun working from our home offices, to spread the word on Connect and to make our company and our customers incredibly successful along the way.

* OK, maybe 'paradigm' was in 'Buzzword Bingo'.

Why GetConnect?

Adobe Connect is all we do.

Here you can learn a little more about our company, our goals, our client and our partners.  Of course the best way to learn about us is to talk to us.

Our Mission